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Academywrestling.com | sexy brunette Sinn Sage gets it

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Description: Two of the most popular las on the scene tangle as lithe, sexy brunette Sinn Sage gets it on with lovely blonde bombshell Dia Zerva. Sinn hasn't got nearly the experience nor strength of Dia, but is spy and has not been given many "free lunches" here, learning the intricacies of submission wrestling through beatings from the likes of Ariel X and Isamar. She's picked up some tricks on the defensive end, and her improved grappling allows her to get that beautiful ass on top of Dia from time to time. Sinn even manages to submit Dia! Once Dia's been submitted though, she turns it on, using her incredibly powerful thighs and beautiful tits to pin Sinn down and just crush the air out of her. Dia nails her with boobsmothers and facesits, keeping the more advanced techniques (armbars, keylocks) to a minimum just for fun. Make no mistakes though, Sinn is well conditioned and Dia begins to slow a bit as the attack wears on. Dia toys with her foe sexually, then licks her to orgasm before the match draws to a close, and one girl straps it on and pounds it home. But which girl gets to do the honors? You might want to check out the preview before placing any bets.
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